Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The #RemakeChallenge : The Jewels Behind the Cameras

It began with strong coffee...and now we understand why! As a part of Live Eco's Remake Challenge, the fashion & object finalists took part in a professional photoshoot at the Cape Town Fashion Council today. The contestants had to interact with renowned photographer Simon Deiner, models, make-up artists, hairdressers, assistants, and sponsors - all on a very face-paced, professional level.

Amid the exciting, well-dressed flurry - after months of anticipation - the beautiful pieces designed by five of our KIN jewellery designers for the five fashion finalists, were unveiled. And my-oh-my did they look glorious! Here is a little taste of our experience at the shoot and what you can expect to see more of from our jewellery designers:

Brass Cuff by Schwarzie for Anke Nel
Professional hair & make-up takes no time at all if you're as skilled as these talented artists!
Brass & Pencil Crayon Ring by Eon Hoon for Kelly Ricardo
Kelly Ricardo with her model
Elaborate Brass Neck Piece by Anna Smith for Leandra du Bruyn
The shoot was held at Cape Town Fashion Council who also host numerous exciting workshops from financial management to introductory shoe-making - fascinating & definitely worth a visit!
Copper & Resin Forgotten Age Rings by Inge Marais for Nicole Smith
Never listen to those who say modelling is easy - huge respect for such beautiful faces who can keep their cool under the pressure!
Beaded Neck Piece by Gillan Fuller for Liam Power

For more info on what the #RemakeChallenge is all about, have a look at this blog post, or follow the links below:

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