Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The #remakechallenge : Inge Marais teams up with finalist Nicole Smith

Sterling Silver Drop Earrings with Oxidised Links by Inge Marais Jewellery

We paired KIN jewellery designer Inge Marais with Remake Challenge fashion finalist Nicole Smith because we saw a similar love for pattern, texture and playfulness in their design work. For Inge, jewellery is not only the elegant finishing touch that completes your outfit: it is the fun, cute, quirky or clever little conversation starter. She makes jewellery to express her identity, and so they can be fun, humorous or ironic - but each piece is clearly recognisable by it’s delicate beauty and, of course, her signature catch ends. In re-discovering her own country and culture, Inge is inspired by the people she meets every day, things that make her smile or think, texture, movement, colour. She is a constant, light-hearted explorer and that is beautifully reflected in pieces that are personal, whimsical and honest, sentimental and romantic.

Nicole : "I was inspired by retro prints specifically the seventies. I don’t think that my clothing belongs to a particular style it takes a little bit of everything; grunge, chic, preppy etc."

Sterling Silver Marigold Ring by Inge Marais Jewellery
Sterling Silver Marigold Earrings by Inge Marais Jewellery
Design Drawings by Nicole Smith

Sterling Silver, Copper & Resin Forgotten Age Rings by Inge Marais Jewellery
Inge's Forgotten Age pieces are made using beautiful images taken from old illustrated encyclopedias. We love how she's found such beauty in these magnificent volumes that are so seldom used in our digital era. Each Forgotten Age piece is unique and features an image on either side, preserved in slightly misty resin making them both nostalgic and a little mysterious.

Sterling Silver, Copper & Resin Forgotten Age Pendant by Inge Marais Jewellery
Sterling Silver & Copper Layered Fox Pendant by Inge Marais Jewellery

Inge has incredible versatility as a designer and often creates custom masterpieces for clients. Her craftsmanship is always elegant and she is conscious of a piece's strength & wearability even in the most fragile-looking designs.

Tigerseye Beaded Necklace by Inge Marais Jewellery
Fluorite Beaded Necklace by Inge Marais Jewellery
Inge (left) with Nicole (right) at the Remake Challenge photoshoot

More pictures of Nicole's final outfits with Inge's jewellery coming soon!

But for now:

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