Monday, 8 December 2014

Almost here!

  1. Mini Wooden Trees by Design Werkstatt; Paper Star Garlands by Amelie
  2. Fabric Pouch by Henri Kuikens
  3. Wooden Reindeer Ornaments by Design Werkstatt
  4. Stamped Brass Leaf Necklaces by Inge Marais
  5. Table Mountain Cheese Board by MOKO
  6. Freestanding Paper-cut Tree by Artymiss
  7. Advent Calendar by JA!
  8. Wooden Dippy Egg Board by Alice May Design
  9. Happy Coaster Set by Mocholoco
  10. Christmas Cards by Patrick Latimer
  11. Spoon Table Runner by YumYum
  12. Cement Bowls by All Things Authentic; Jewellery by: Offbeat Melody, Smith Jewellery, Tessa J Kelly, Long Jean Silver, A Bird Named Frank

Friday, 21 November 2014

Beautiful Gifts on Happy Budgets

Share your love of local this Christmas!
Proverbs Colouring Book - Colour Africa at KIN
22pages of beautifully illustrated proverbs from all over Africa. The proverbs are words of wisdom that teach children universal truths in an engaging and interactive way. Respect, compassion and teamwork are central themes. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Educational, fun and with activities suitable for ages 4-8 years.
At KIN on Kloof, KIN at VA & online at
Mini Print Sets by JA! at KIN
Mini prints of Alta Stegmann's illustrations, printed on Environment Wove paper (a high quality 100% recycled acid-free paper)
R55.00 for a set of 3 prints
At KIN on Kloof, KIN at VA & online at
Small Board with Leather Tie by MOKO at KIN
Raw oak cheese board, perfect for picnics this summer
At KIN on Kloof, KIN at VA & online at
A5 Black & White Prints by Simple Intrigue
Printed on 100% recycled 220gsm off-white card
At KIN at VA & online at
Cape Town Ambigram Letterpress Prints by judith+kevin at KIN
Beautiful letterpress prints of judith+kevin's flawless Cape Town ambigram
At KIN on Kloof, KIN at VA & online at

Ceramic Bunnies by Chandler House at KIN
These pastel cuties come in pink, blue, green and yellow, as well as white with stunning navy delft-like prints
At KIN on Kloof and KIN at V&A
Brass Africa's on Silk by Eon Hoon at KIN
Handmade brass domed Africa on strong silk cord in white, black or red
At KIN at VA & online at

Ceramic Bowls by Clay Creations at KIN
White bowls with gorgeous detail and touches of colour
At KIN on Kloof and KIN at VA
Wooden Scrabble Coaster Set : Tea / Eat by Mocholoco at KIN
Set of 3 pine coasters, burgundy felt back
At KIN on Kloof, KIN at VA & online at
Small Pouches by Henri Kuikens at KIN
Hand blockprinted on thick cotton-linen blend. Fully lined with zipper along the top.
At KIN on Kloof & KIN at VA
Felt Heart String by Skaapie at KIN
Bright multi-coloured handmade-felt hearts and circles on white cotton string.
At KIN on Kloof & KIN at VA
Candle Shades by Sharon B Design at KIN
Heat tolerant tealight candle shades printed with a beautifully illustrated scenes of South Africa
At KIN on Kloof, KIN at VA & online at
Brass Bracelets by A Bird Named Frank at KIN
Large brass square on fine brass chain
R160.00 to R180.00
At KIN on Kloof, KIN at VA & online at
Cape Town, An Illustrated Poem by Julia Mary Grey at KIN
A personalised account of life in the Mother City told through the emotive poetry and illustrations of one of her residents. Size A4, 92 pages with every page is illustrated and printed in full colour
At KIN on Kloof, KIN at VA & online at
Bar Studs by Long Jean Silver at KIN
Handmade rectangular bar sterling silver studs
At KIN on Kloof, KIN at VA & online at

Smith Tiepins by Smith Jewellery at KIN
Gilt silhouettes on sterling silver pins
At KIN on Kloof & KIN at VA
Silver Bracelet with Clay & Brass Beads by A Bird Named Frank at KIN
A mix of handmade clay and solid brass beads on sterling silver chain. Each bracelet is unique as none of the handmade clay beads are exactly the same.
At KIN on Kloof, KIN at VA & online at
Chandelier Earrings by White Rabbit Days at KIN
Laser-cut dusty pink leather earrings with rose quartz drops on sterling silver hooks
At KIN on Kloof, KIN at VA & online at 
White Ceramic Vase by Chandler House at KIN
A mini edition of Chandler House's iconic Phrenology Head Vases
At KIN on Kloof & KIN at VA
A collection of Jesse Breytenbach's elegant illustrations that form a graphic novel which plays with our complex relationship with food.
Affirmation Card Deck by Soulshine Cards at KIN
A deck of 36 beautifully illustrated affirmation cards that encourage positive thinking patterns
The message on each of the cards is inspired by the spirit & beauty of South Africa.
At KIN on Kloof, KIN at VA & online at

Cushion Covers by Schwarzie at KIN
Digitally printed onto 100% cotton, these covers are from Schwarzie's brand new Nature's Confetti range
At KIN on Kloof

Friday, 14 November 2014

Summer Loveliness!

  1. Artist of Life Affirmation Card by Soulshine Cards
  2. Toucan Cushion Cover by Schwarzie TM
  3. Leather Curve Earrings by White Rabbit Days
  4. Handmade Felt Apples by Skaapie
  5. Thought Card by Simple Intrigue
  6. Humming Bird Tealight Candle Shade by Sharon B Design
  7. Carmen Illustrated Print by Maria Magdalena
  8. Ceramic Star Bowls by Clay Creations
  9. Tree of Life Necklace by Starbright Girl
  10. Silver & Enamel Studs by Long Jean Silver
  11. Happy Landing Card by Dave Robertson
  12. Gilt Tie Pins by Smith Jewellery
  13. Nature's Confetti Cushion Covers by Schwarzie TM
  14. Paper & Origami Flowers by Schwarzie TM & White On Rice

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Schwarzie TM launches Nature's Confetti at KIN on Kloof

Astrid & Karen Emma, lovely sister team that is Schwarzie TM, joined creative forces with Ross Symons of White On Rice this month to fill KIN on Kloof's windows with life, colour and nature all in the humble medium of paper.

Karen Emma & Astrid Schwarz with Ross Symons

When we worked with the lovely ladies at Schwarzie for the Remake Challenge we realised their enthusiasm and energy are boundless. They are always up for an exploratory creative project, love collaborations and are open to making custom pieces. It's beautifully obvious that they love every bit of what they do and have built in creating their company. 

Ross is quite simply an origami master. We have been following his work and are astounded at his skills - confident that he could trump any origami challenge as to date we have spotted complex creatures like unicorns, halloween pumpkins, dragons & peacocks on his Instagram feed. For November's window exhibition, Ross created the huge origami flowers that grow and thrive in the happy Schwarzie jungle.

To celebrate all things lovely, and just in time for colour-infused summer restyling at home, Schwarzie TM have designed their first range of cushion covers! November's window exhibition announces the arrival of the beautiful Nature's Confetti Range now available at KIN on Kloof.

'Rosy Days'

See more pics of November's gorgeous windows here
Follow Schwarzie TM here
Follow White on Rice here

Friday, 7 November 2014

KIN Designers at the Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair

As one of only forty three hand selected design exhibitors, we are excited to be in Joburg representing almost twenty of our a hundred designers whose locally crafted wares are stocked in our stores and our beautiful online shop. We can't wait to chat with Joburg and hear their thoughts on the local design scene as well as meet local designers!

Whose work can you expect to see at our Stand #4 this weekend?

Alex Latimer
A Bird Named Frank
Colour Africa
Eon Hoon
Fabric Nation
Henri Kuikens
Head On Design
Inge Marais Jewellery
Patrick Latimer
Starbright Girl
Sarah Walters
Tessa J Kelly
White Rabbit Design
Yum Yum

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Studio Sneak Peek : Sharon B Design

A Sneak Peek? What's this? Chatting over tea at HQ one day, we were marvelling at how lucky we are to work with such an array of wonderful designers, and in doing so get to know them, their spaces, people and pets. Suddenly we thought, "We should share them!" and voila! we now have a spot on the blog for Studio Sneak Peeks!
With a background in film and advertising, Sharon Boonzaier is an established artist and designer, who explores a wide variety of creative mediums ranging from drawing and oil paintings to murals and lighting. There is magic in the simplicity of her tea-light shades which effortlessly turn her sketches into quiet, contemplative 3D objects.

Sharon often creates artwork that celebrates South Africa’s indigenous fauna and flora and urges the viewer to make steps towards protecting it. She is one of the founding members of The Concious Art Collaborative, a group of artists, designers and film makers who contribute to finding solutions for conservation.
Sharon's studio is an enchanting space to visit! Shelves are stacked high with palettes, textured papers and canvases, and work tables decorated with glass bottles of coloured inks and paintings paused in completion while layers dry. She often holds art classes there, and it's a treat to hear her talk about her own work, the new directions she is exploring and the passion she has for portraying the beauty of nature.

To follow Sharon on Facebook click here
To browse her gorgeous tealight shade range click here

Thursday, 16 October 2014

the #RemakeChallenge : Fashion Photoshoot : Liam Power with Gillian Fuller

These are the stunning images from the official Remake Challenge photoshoot held at the Cape Town Fashion Council with SDR Photo / Simon Deiner. All jewellery by Gillian Fuller and all outfits by Liam Power who won First Place in this year's Remake Challenge.

Liam Power and his model at the Remake Challenge Fashion Shoot

For more images of Gillian's designs click here 
For more info on the Remake Challenge click here

the #RemakeChallenge : Fashion Photoshoot : Anke Nel with Karen Emma Schwarz

These are the stunning images from the official Remake Challenge photoshoot held at the Cape Town Fashion Council with SDR Photo / Simon Deiner. All jewellery by Karen Emma Schwarz and all outfits by Anke Nel.

Karen and Anke at the Remake Challenge Awards Evening, image by Marguerite du Plooy

 For more images of Karen's designs click here 
For more info on the Remake Challenge click here