Thursday, 13 November 2014

Schwarzie TM launches Nature's Confetti at KIN on Kloof

Astrid & Karen Emma, lovely sister team that is Schwarzie TM, joined creative forces with Ross Symons of White On Rice this month to fill KIN on Kloof's windows with life, colour and nature all in the humble medium of paper.

Karen Emma & Astrid Schwarz with Ross Symons

When we worked with the lovely ladies at Schwarzie for the Remake Challenge we realised their enthusiasm and energy are boundless. They are always up for an exploratory creative project, love collaborations and are open to making custom pieces. It's beautifully obvious that they love every bit of what they do and have built in creating their company. 

Ross is quite simply an origami master. We have been following his work and are astounded at his skills - confident that he could trump any origami challenge as to date we have spotted complex creatures like unicorns, halloween pumpkins, dragons & peacocks on his Instagram feed. For November's window exhibition, Ross created the huge origami flowers that grow and thrive in the happy Schwarzie jungle.

To celebrate all things lovely, and just in time for colour-infused summer restyling at home, Schwarzie TM have designed their first range of cushion covers! November's window exhibition announces the arrival of the beautiful Nature's Confetti Range now available at KIN on Kloof.

'Rosy Days'

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