Thursday, 17 March 2016

ALC Jeans | Clothing | Accessories

I lost my Rosie Sugden beanie traveling in the Highlands! Sad as it is my favourite, Rosie said that Adele might have one. I popped by her store and discovered she had the one I lost! Joyfully reunited, I chatted to Adele about owning a store featuring local designers and fell in love with her lovely space! Take a look at ALC and if you are in Edinburgh, stroll along Thistle Street and say hello to Adele!

Welcome to ALC!

A beautiful coat and daffodils look out onto Thistle street

The lovely table!

Adele loved the hearth so much that she had it made into the countertop. It's a beautiful piece and i loved knowing that part of the original home featured in the store.

The dressing room is one of my favourite spaces. I would happily spend hours here fitting with friends :)

Where did I go:

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Mary's Milk Bar

Founded in 2013, Mary's Milk Bar is one of my first stops whenever I visit Edinburgh. Amongst other treats, Mary combines coffee and ice cream, what is there not to adore?

Mary went to gelato school in Bologna and is a genius with ice cream... 

School children and office workers come by for their one-scoop-a-day treat. Tourists come by and devour ice cream by the three scoop fills. 

Ask the women there for their ice cream recommendation, today, I had the hazelnut affogato and I am going back tomorrow... For my one scoop... Just one... I promise...

 Where did I go?

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The wonderful part of traveling by car, is one can stop and look...


Aviemore Coo



Drumnadrochit (my favourite place)

on the road to Fort Augustus

Loch Morlich

Loch Ness, Fort Augustus

on the road to Loch an Eilein 

on the road to Nethy Bridge