Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Two amazing companies

I am regularly asked about the people I work with, thus this blog post about two wonderful companies run by inspiring women. If you want to hear about it first hand, give me a call

Mel and I have known each other for a few years and I have seen Mel in a variety of roles. Mel joined Kin to manage one of the retail stores; Kin on Kloof and, later Mel moved onto managing all Kin social media as well as window exhibitions, the online store, the beautiful Kin newsletter and the product shoots. 

Mel left Kin in 2015 and started Troupe Events with her sister, Gwynn. A dream come true for them. If you have an event, any event, this is the company I recommend. Not only because they threw my dear friend the best birthday party he has ever had, but because I have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Mel for four years and she is someone I would go through anything with, including turning me into a zombie and my home into ground zero of a zombie apocalypse....


Please take a look at Troupe Events website, it's full of great events they have curated and managed

If you don't need an entire event, and would like to add some special touches to a gathering at home, then they have made party packs! You can buy them on-line, Troupe Party Packs

I volunteer on Pint of Science and our first SA Pint of Science launched this week. I met a wonderful photographer, Haegy, who covered the event and I was impressed with her professional and calm demeanour, as well as her great photographs. Please take a look at her website, Baram Photo.