Friday, 29 November 2013

Charlie Brown is Back! The Return of Blockhead.

Making his very welcome return to KIN, is Charlie Brown, together with his best pal, Snoopy. Or rather the range of resin, enamel and dry clay figurines designed and crafted by the devoted fan-boy, Nick Marcus.
With the first range of 20 one-off and totally individual mini statues of Charlie Brown launched earlier this year, the windows now see 15 brand new, unique executions, as well as 15 new Snoopy statues. And this time Charlie is too cool for school as he plays with ‘classics’ like Pac Man, Rubik’s Cube, Lego, comics and dial telephones. There is also a special guest appearance by Woodstock who joins his playmates in the window.
Believing him to be unavoidably loveable, Nick says of Charlie Brown, “he has perfected the art of failure more than any other character out there. Behind all the neurosis, he is just a tender-hearted, good guy that needs a hug. And I think everybody can relate to that.”
All that Nick wants is to find each Charlie Brown a good home and KIN is more than happy to facilitate this for him. Nick says, “KIN is the right place for them. I knew instinctively that they had to be there. And then I met KIN family and they shared my passion for this project, which made me beam with joy.”