Thursday, 17 March 2016

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I lost my Rosie Sugden beanie traveling in the Highlands! Sad as it is my favourite, Rosie said that Adele might have one. I popped by her store and discovered she had the one I lost! Joyfully reunited, I chatted to Adele about owning a store featuring local designers and fell in love with her lovely space! Take a look at ALC and if you are in Edinburgh, stroll along Thistle Street and say hello to Adele!

Welcome to ALC!

A beautiful coat and daffodils look out onto Thistle street

The lovely table!

Adele loved the hearth so much that she had it made into the countertop. It's a beautiful piece and i loved knowing that part of the original home featured in the store.

The dressing room is one of my favourite spaces. I would happily spend hours here fitting with friends :)

Where did I go:

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