Thursday, 17 July 2014

Live Eco's Remake Challenge

From one serendipitous meeting-of-minds to a good chat over good coffee, we are excited to say that we are teaming up with Live Eco for this year's Remake Design Challenge.

What is it all about?

"The Live Eco Remake Design Challenge is a sustainable design competition that challenges students and emerging designers to create mainstream clothing and objects whilst adhering to sustainable design principles and eliminating waste in their production methods. Each competition cycle takes designers on an educational and design journey lasting a few months. After which the winners are rewarded with what we hope to be career changing prizes to Remake the pattern of fashion and interior design.""

How is KIN getting involved?

Five selected KIN jewellery designers have been paired with the competition's 5 fashion finalists to provide beautiful South-African-designed pieces that compliment each outfit for the studio photoshoot and final fashion show event.

Why is this an excellent idea?

The Remake Challenge is a meeting of high fashion ideals and responsible, sustainable living. We love that while the competition calls for one stunning haute couture showpiece, the rest of the garments are focused on wearable pieces - raising the awareness of how seamlessly sustainable clothing items can replace everyday fashion in our wardrobes. The jewellery from our five designers will enhance each outfit and heighten the sense of high-end style - making the final outfits even more tantalising (although the garments' humble origins may surprise you!).

Behind the scenes look into the 2011 fashion studio shoot. All hair & make-up by The Body Shop.

Captured at the 2011 fashion show held at The Green Expo, CTICC
To find out more...
Visit Live Eco's site - it's full of lots of interesting tidbits and really shows off how chic, sexy & smart sustainable living can be.

Also browse The Remake Challenge site - here you'll find interviews of both Fashion & Object finalists as well as gorgeous, glamorous photography from previous competition runs.
2011 in studio fashion photo shoot

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