Thursday, 31 July 2014

Intaglio Takes Flight

You may have seen her beautiful prints in our stores since June, but this month Intaglio Prints Takes Flight with a beautiful window exhibition by Esmeralda Brettenny. KIN on Kloof's windows have become small worlds of wonder with soft rolling hills, delicately drawn creatures and glowing clouds.


It was so exciting to see Esmeralda's ideas literally taking shape as she and Miranda cut, pinned, glued, nailed an Intaglio-themed landscape together.

Such a hard-working team of perfectionists : Miranda shaped the earth below while Esmeralda formed the clouds above and every detail was cleverly included to compliment the whole.

Moment of truth : Intaglio's gorgeous swirling logo in larger-than-life vinyl.


Intaglio Prints are custom framed in glass and beautiful, strong wooden hoops. These intricate illustrations are each printed by Esmeralda herself using the old process of intaglio printing where you scratch or etch an image onto a copper plate, rub ink into the scratches, wipe the ink off and press it onto paper.

Take a stroll down Kloof Street in the evening to see the softly fluorescent clouds glowing over a fascinating world of sparrows, aloes, dragonflies, airships, proteas, foxes and zeppelins.

Intaglio Prints definitely celebrates having a true sense of wonder and adventure. Some of our absolute favourite pieces are the Air Ship series with titles like "But will it fly?"

Sunlight through the clouds...what a magical world to have inside our walls for the month of August!

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