Friday, 19 September 2014

The #RemakeChallenge : Gillian Fuller teams up with finalist Liam Power

A vibrant cuff design by Gillian Fuller for Liam's avant garde outfit

We paired KIN jewellery designer Gillian Fuller with Remake Challenge fashion finalist Liam Power and the results are extraordinary! Liam is the only finalist showcasing menswear and we were very excited to see how Gillian's beaded jewellery could compliment his distinctly African-influenced collection.

If you are a regular at KIN at V&A, you will recognise the signature designs and careful craftsmanship of a Gillian Fuller beaded cuff. Gillian is an artist, textile & jewellery designer and it's inspiring to see how these three talent streams consistently influence and support each other through her designs.

Liam's inspiration board for his Transparency collection

Gillian specialises in cuffs that are flawlessly woven to form a solid beaded canvas for her contemporary, playful patterns & designs. In working with Liam, their biggest challenge was to integrate the cuffs with Liam's mostly long-sleeved garments. The two designers transformed the beaded cuffs into statement neck pieces by threading them onto cords and leather thongs.

Beaded Neck Piece by Gillian Fuller

Beaded Neck Piece by Gillian Fuller

Liam on his pieces for the Remake Challenge :

"My TRANSPARENCY collection is my take on combining African heritage with a sporty contemporary male silhouette. I feel that commercial menswear in South Africa has a dull colour palette, a lack of prints as well as silhouettes that are copied from European leaders. My collection includes longer over-garments, opulent embellishments and exciting prints that were inspired by my personal style; fabrics I sourced, African culture and a reaction against fashion in South Africa being controlled by profit margins and business leaders. "

Liam's designs for his competition submission
Beaded Neck Piece by Gillian Fuller

Gillian's journey to creating these unique jewellery pieces begun when she experimented with silk and handpainted fabrics to weave soft jewellery that could translate her ideas. She then began using high-quality Czech glass seed beads in a multitude of beautiful colours and this resulted in a durable, highly-expressive medium for her designs. She has created hundreds of unique pieces which play with pattern, colour, repetition and subtly. Because Gillian uses traditional local beading techniques, her jewellery is distinctly, beautifully African - yet her extensive experience and training in fine art and textiles infuses each piece with a part of her personal journey through the realms of design.

Gillian's Beaded Jewellery for Liam's collection

More pictures of Gillian & Liam's collaboration coming soon!

But for now :

Read more about the Remake Challenge here!

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