Thursday, 25 September 2014

The #RemakeChallenge : Eon Hoon teams up with finalist Kelly Ricardo

Brass & Sliced Pencil Crayon Necklace by Eon Hoon

We paired KIN jewellery designer Eon Hoon with Remake Challenge fashion finalist Kelly Ricardo
as the work of both designers is edgy and definitely at least a little dark. Eon was one of the very first KIN designers and has contributed to many of the exhibitions and projects that we have embarked on, but, even knowing him and his work as well as we do, we are constantly drawn to the sense of mystery his designs effortlessly embody.

Kelly Ricardo's Inspiration Board for the Remake Challenge

In Kelly's words:
"My Transparency collection, titled ”Now You See Me”, was inspired by hypnosis. I’m intrigued by the fact that as you are hypnotized, your mind is heightened and open to an altered mental state you’ve always had yet haven’t made use of. The colors often used in the process of hypnotising are black and white, hence my choice of monochrome as part of my collection. Smoke as well plays a part in my inspiration; it has the capability to hide things that aren’t heavily covered. Which is why I chose sheer fabric. If a cloud of smoke is thick enough, it can cover up a lot. So, only those who wish to find out what it is hovering over will get to know. Just like in hypnosis, only the curious and daring will uncover the secrets."
Brass & Sliced Pencil Crayon Ring by Eon Hoon

Eon is always pushing the boundaries of jewellery design through combining unusual, overlooked objects with fine metals and lifting them into the sphere of the precious object. We love his choice of reclaimed pencil crayons as a medium to compliment Kelly's submission. The thin slices of wood and coloured crayon create interesting geometric patterns and fit perfectly into the Remake Challenge's goal of showcasing sustainable fashion and investigating alternate materials.

Two of Kelly Ricardo's Fashion Drawings for the Remake Challenge

Although Eon is constantly exploring new materials and methods, each piece maintains his original high standards for quality and fluent wear-ability. As always, we can't wait to see more of what Eon dreams up into beautiful, captivating jewellery.

Eon Hoon and Kelly Ricardo at the Remake Challenge Photoshoot

More pictures of Eon & Kelly's collaboration coming soon!

But for now :

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