Thursday, 11 September 2014

Eon Hoon Jewellery Design : A Hive of Beauty

When Eon Hoon presents an idea to us, we always listen. He is a designer with a unique vision that intermingles life's dark mystery with a refined sense of beauty. Lately, Eon has a particular passion for bees, some of nature's hardest and much-overlooked little workers. He has translated this interest into a fascinating Spring exhibition for KIN on Kloof. Pop in to marvel at the cleverness of the exhibition and chat to Tas about how the pieces are created.

For the month of September, KIN on Kloof's windows are featuring a giant honeycomb that showcases Eon's new range of jewellery made from sterling silver, copper, resin and actual bees and honeycomb. Within this beautiful geometric structure, and in between the glittery pieces of copper and silver, are Eon's interesting facts about bees - making us understand why he so loves and admires these creatures.

These intriguing pendants are drops of clear resin that encapsulate real bees, which have come to the end of the busy lives naturally and collected by Eon himself. Each piece is as unique as the immortalised insect within and is held safely in an elegant sterling silver setting. 

For these limited edition copper honeycomb pendants, Eon used real honeycomb pieces, that have been delicately coated in copper, and threaded them onto oxidised sterling silver chains. Each piece is surprisingly light and has an complex structure, texture & shape. 

As with his resin bee pendants, Eon has allowed small pieces of nature to be skillfully re-examined through the magnifying glass of the object & adornment. His use of precious metals and resin is complementary and respectful, and through it Eon preserves the inherent beauty of these natural creations.

KIN on Kloof's window exhibitions are always about celebrating the work of one of our designers and often have a simultaneous social thread that weaves itself into the story presented behind the glass. In doing a bit of reading online, we came across the #savethebees campaign that has been launched by various environmental associations as a global reaction to the use of the chemicals and pesticides which are drastically reducing bee colonies.

There is an interesting article on Yale 360 which states that every third bite of the food that we eat depends on pollinators, especially bees, which is both awe-inspiring and startling. We hope that the more people that become aware of how precious these insects are to us in the most basic sense; the more large scale farmers will halt the use of chemicals toxic to both pests and pollinators. If you have a moment browse the hashtag to see what more people are saying.

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