Tuesday, 1 April 2014

We're Celebrating World Earth Day 2014

1. Brass Vine Studs by Tessa J Kelly
5. Faceted Bird Houses by Moko
8. Brass Boerboon Studs by Tessa J Kelly 
11. Crochet Animal Toys by Chasteau de Balyon
12. Birdhouses by MOKO

KIN on Kloof Window Exhibition:
Bird houses by MOKO
Birds created by : Belinda Ormond, Chasteau de Balyon, Font and Heart, Gillian Fuller, Head On Design, Henri Kuikens, Inge Marais, Nick Marcus, Simple Intrigue, Skaapie

Thanks to Ed Basson & Roule le Roux for the gorgeous Tessa J Kelly images

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