Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Making of MOKO's Amazing Birdhouses

Dagmar hard at work
When Dagmar Grimmelikhuysen of MOKO first presented her idea for an Earth Day window, we were immediately captivated by her sketches for the completely unique birdhouse structures that she wanted to create. We had no doubt that her natural enthusiasm and love for what she does would result in the most beautiful window exhibition. The fact that she wanted to donate all the proceeds the the Non-Profit Organisation, Soil for Life, made us glow. We were equally delighted as ten KIN designers eagerly joined the exhibition with their colourful flock of hand-made birds. 

Each structure was carefully planned and assembled by hand by Dagmar. Her designs not only focused on creating exquisite design objects, but also on functional spaces for the birds who are to make them their homes. Size, angle and placement of the openings, space within the structure and durable, interesting materials and ways to hang them were details thoughtfully considered.
Bird houses in the making
Each house was carefully designed, cut, assembled and finished by Dagmar

A Few of the finished houses : (pop into KIN on Kloof before 25th April 2014 to see more!)
Faceted Geometric Houses made by joining together individual pieces wood. They hand on thick strips of white leather.

House with birdie door, with a front perch for cloud-gazing.
Wooden cube house with a crochet cover made from sturdy out-door twine.
The "Weaver's Nest" organically-shaped house hang on a length of thick outdoor rope.

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