Friday, 25 April 2014

Tips for Making Your Mum Feel Extra Special

To be honest, we know that there is no way to thank our mums for all that they have done and continue to do in our lives, but a day wholly-focused on showing her how much you appreciate what she does and how much she loves you is a good start.

To get you thinking, here are some ideas:

Follow the cliché - and go all out
Although we're all tempted to show how little we conform to clichés, in this case, we actually think they do create some of the most special-feeling moments, so play by the rules...

Rule #1
Re-group - get the siblings together. Even if you need to organise Skype calls from Morocco, putting in the effort and teaming up to show your love will make her feel extra special

Rule #2
Buy flowers - it's wonderful to be given something so beautiful and ephemeral. If you live far from your mum - organise for flowers to be delivered. Think about the flowers or colours she particularly likes and ask your florist to style it with those in mind.

Rule #3
Make her tea/coffee/hot chocolate/chai latte/rooibos - try and be there early enough to serve it to her in bed.

Rule #4
Make her breakfast - set the table beautifully (preferably in her favourite colours) and make her what she enjoys the most. If your culinary skills are shaky, then perhaps surprise her by having a picnic breakfast/brunch packed and ready to go and take her somewhere beautiful.

Rule #5
Write her a letter from the heart - mention the smallest things and explain how big a difference they make in your life and how much you appreciate them.

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