Monday, 7 April 2014

Soil for Life

"We strive to help people reconnect with the earth, and so we teach as many people as we can how to grow their own food and to care for the earth."
During the past week you've been hearing us say that the proceeds of the gorgeous MOKO birdhouses and designer-made birds in KIN on Kloof's windows are going to Soil for Life. We want to share a bit more about this amazing initiative that Dagmar Grimmelikhuysen of MOKO introduced us to, and encourage you to have a browse through their own website (here) to see their inspiring achievements and how you can get involved.

Soil for Life is a Cape Town-based non-profit organisation which focuses on teaching people how to care for and build up the soil and grow healthy plants. Their organic food gardening uses low-cost, soil building, water-wise, environmentally friendly technologies in whatever small space is available.
They run hands-on training courses in impoverished communities and provide ongoing support and advice. The practical results are households that can grow nutrient-rich plants and vegetables for themselves, and to sell in their communities - but those who take part in their training also develop a crucial sense of purpose, satisfaction and self-reliance.
Soil for Life

tel : +27 (0)21 794 49 82

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Also have a look at their Home Gardeners Project on GivenGain

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