Monday, 11 August 2014

It's an Adventure!

1. Silver Kite Necklace by Offbeat Melody
2. James Cook Illustration by Patrick Latimer
3. Stacking Table Mountain by MOKO
4. Brass Africa Necklace by Eon Hoon
5. Thought Card by Simple Intrigue
6. Brass Arrow Earrings by Tessa J Kelly
7. Leather Earrings by White Rabbit Days on a Cushion Cover by Handmade by Me
8. Man in the Moon iPad Sleeve by the WREN design
9. Impossible Memory Illustration by Intaglio Prints
10. Silver, Brass & Clay Bead Bracelets by A Bird Named Frank
11. Life is Beautiful Tote Bag by Soil Design
12. Fabric & Resin Studs by Patatie and Resin Flower Studs by Chasteau de Balyon
13. Ceramic Bowls by Kate Rosenberg
14. Mini Ceramic Cars by Sootcookie Ceramics

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