Friday, 22 August 2014

Introducing : unfayzdesign

It's always exciting for us to be able to share the work of a new designer, especially when their products are so different to anything else that we have in store. unfayzdesign is the creative offering of Cape Town designer, Fayaaz Mahomed. As someone who has always loved drawing and working with his hands, Fayaaz used his training and natural ingenuity to create a range of furniture that can be completely dismantled and stored as neat, compact stacks. He studied Industrial Design and actually created his Slotd™ range out of necessity - needing extra seating in his apartment when entertaining, but that can be easily packed away in a small space when not in use.
Laptop and Tablet / iPad stand
In Fayaaz's own words:
"My design style embraces the ‘Less is More’ philosophy. The main aim of the brand is to design and manufacture bespoke furniture and lighting solutions made from different materials using various industrial and hand-finishing manufacturing methods to create items that are simple,functional and elegant"

The range currently consists of a chair, a stool, a small side table, a bench, a free-standing lamp, laptop stand, and a tablet / iPad stand. All pieces, except the lamp, can be completely dismantled and stored flat-packed, then easily slotted back together when needed (hence the name Slotd™ :)

All the products are made from pine plywood, are CNC machined and then finished by hand. Fayaaz also uses either a natural sealant such as Linseed and teak oil or a low VOC water-based varnish. (VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound - i.e. the solvents that are released into the air as the paint or sealant dries. A low VOC count is much better for your health and that of the planet as a whole).

We assumed that Fayaaz gravitated towards Minimalist/Modern design style because he is such a laidback, easy-going type of a guy, but he laughingly says that if we chat to his wife, we'll discover that the real reason is his tendency to be a teensy bit lazy at times. Whatever the reason, we love the results, and his Slotd™ range is perfect for so many modern homes where extra space is rare luxury. Suddenly the dilemma of enough seating for Friday night's dinner party isn't a problem - even assembling the chairs can be a novel part of the evening's fun.

The Slotd™ Chair, Bench, Stool and Side Table
When we asked him what his favourite part of the entire design process is, Fayaaz said that it is seeing another person's reaction to the furniture when he puts it together - "it is something I have no control over which is why I enjoy it so much". Having witnessed an unassuming bundle of shapes take form as a beautiful, functional piece of furniture or homeware, we have to agree. We can't wait to see his versatile range grow and develop as many more homes are saved space and struggle without sacrificing on aesthetics.

Pop into KIN on Kloof to see these small wonders in person.

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