Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Carguard Meerkat by Alex Goldberg

Last year Alex Goldberg joined creative forces with Sootcookie Ceramics to bring The Tale of Balaclava Bear to life, creating ceramic characters from Alex's tale of thievery and adventure. The Carguard Meerkat is the collaboration's new escapade and is similarly inspired by some of the unique experiences of living, driving and parking in South Africa.

The Carguard Meerkat 

On a city street he lies in wait,
watching your car till very late.
Fighting off honey-drunk bears with idle paws,
and sending tik-rats yelping through toothless jaws.
Their wandering eyes wondered what was in your car,
now they’re limping into the nearest ER.
But you return to see your car safe and sound,
unaware of the beating that had just gone down.
So spare some change or something to eat,
for Carguard Meerkat, defender of the street. 

These little rascals each have their own personality and feature a mix of signature Sootcookie floral transfers, gold luster and hand-painted details. They are available from KIN on Kloof.

Designer/Writer/Photographer: Alex Goldberg
Ceramics: Sootcookie
Inspiration: The carguards that watch over the streets of Cape Town.

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