Friday, 8 August 2014

KIN at V&A - fresh, full & thriving

As we speed off into the second half of 2014, we are already feeling a tad nostalgic because, so far, this year has been full-to-the-brim of interesting happenings. One of these was The Great Flood that took place at KIN at V&A when a pipe in the ceiling of the passage outside burst, and water came shlooshing into the store at top speed.

To the rescue!

Although dramatic and stressful at the time, looking back, what stands out most to us is how everyone around us rallied together to help us - within minutes all endangered stock & furniture was moved to safety. Although we were closed for 11 days while every drop of water was evaporated out (with a scary heavy-duty machine) and the floors were redone, we used the time wisely and KIN at V&A came back better than ever - fresh and sparkling with a new coat of paint and gorgeous displays.


To thank everyone, we celebrated the day of re-opening with delicious cupcakes (because that's how we roll :)

The good part!

Special thanks to the team at Mondial for those amazing windscreen wiper brooms that they wielded like pro's, Victoria's for holding onto our most precious pieces, to Solveig for sheltering our stock when we needed it most, and to the Alfred Hotel for hosting our furniture in one of the hotels rooms - it had a very comfortable stay and especially enjoyed breakfast ;)

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