Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Remake Challenge : Tessa J Kelly Jewellery with Fashion Finalist Jean Baard

Tessa J Kelly's jewellery balances the boldness of gleaming brass with detailed designs that are inspired by the plants and creatures of South Africa and express Tessa's deep love for nature. Using traditional techniques that she learnt during her time in the United Kingdom at art school and working for an authentic silversmith’s; Tessa cuts each design by hand and every one of her finished pieces is a careful combination of brass, synthetic silk, and glass, coral or vintage beads. For the avant garde headpiece, and to experiment with upcycling, Tessa cut delicate white feathers from waste plastic.


We paired Tessa with Jean Baard as we loved the contrast the bright brass would make with Jean's elegantly muted colour palette. The high level of detail in Tessa's silhouettes also emphasize the strong, clean lines of Jean's garments. When we saw Jean's items in person, it was also obvious that she is very particular about the quality of her craftsmanship just as Tessa is about her jewellery - her garments are well-made and hang beautifully.

Jean: "My collection is the perfect mixture of my favourite styles and details. It is simplistic and elegant. I was inspired by the modern business women on her day off. The key elements of my collection are pleats and the boat neck line."

Jean's lovely model (left), Jean (centre), Tessa & Guy (right)

All Tessa's Remake Challenge jewellery pieces will be for sale at KIN on Kloof until the end of September, and then they will be on show at our KIN stand at the Sanlam Handmade Contempory fair in Joburg.

Find Tessa on Facebook here.
Read Jean's full interview here.

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