Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Remake Challenge : Caryn of A Bird Named Frank with Finalist Roxanne Louw

Caryn Fourie and Peter Campbell are the complementary creative forces behind A Bird Named Frank. With backgrounds in fashion design and fine art respectively; together they produce a jewellery range that has become known for its minimalist aesthetic and geometric focus. Their designs have always been refreshingly simple, and A Bird Named Frank is characterised by subtlety, muted tones, fine detail and quality in craftsmanship.

We paired A Bird Named Frank with Roxanne Louw as her collection is designed with the idea of emphasizing contrasting elements, with a focus on metal. Caryn and Peter played with these concepts while also taking on the challenge of using sustainable / recycled materials, and teamed fine slivers of brick and concrete with brass and silver. The extremes of the brick - the coarseness, mottled colours and natural imperfections - is contrasted by the perfect smoothness and clinically clean form of the brass bars and also echo Roxanne's city-themed inspiration.

Roxanne: "My Urban Luxe collection is called Oxymoron because it has a contrast of different kinds of elements . Such as smooth textures to woolen coarse fabrics. Also because my concept is about the current season in the city . I used rustic metal and metal as a theme and that’s where I got my colour theme."

Roxanne's make up artist (far left), her lovely model (centre left), Roxanne (centre right) and Caryn (far right)

All A Bird Named Frank's Remake Challenge jewellery pieces will be for sale at KIN on Kloof until the end of September, and then they will be on show at our KIN stand at the Sanlam Handmade Contempory fair in Joburg. 

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Read Roxanne's full interview here.

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