Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Remake Challenge : Aviv of Forever Love with Finalist Hannah-Rose Smith

Aviv Mirkin of Forever Love is a jewellery designer and story teller. Hand-cut from different metals such as silver, brass and bronze; her pieces have a definite sense of narrative and depth. No two necklaces are the same and each takes you into its creature's marvelous little world. As Aviv says, "All my pieces are sentimental and tell a story, which is why I feel that when someone buys a piece of my jewellery they are buying a piece of me, my soul, passion, hardship and sentimentality.'

We paired Aviv with Hannah Rose Smith as Hannah Rose is just as passionate about allowing her clothes to tell a story through their layers. Each of her garments transform into simpler or more elaborate versions through the clever use of zips, buttons and removable pieces. It's a playful and functional approach to a busy day as one outfit can be used for work / leisure, daytime / nighttime. To explore recycled materials, Aviv also created a flower bracelet using only aluminum foil and plastic spoons.

In Hannah Rose's words: "I have experience with altering garments as growing up I did not like wearing clothes that were the same as everyone else, I have very few garments that are in their original condition."

Hannah Rose (left), her lovely model (centre) and Aviv (right)

All Aviv's Remake Challenge jewellery pieces will be for sale at KIN on Kloof until the end of September, and then they will be on show at our KIN stand at the Sanlam Handmade Contempory fair in Joburg. 

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Read Hannah Rose's full interview here.

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