Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Remake Challenge : Helen of White Rabbit Days with Finalist Justine Pulford

Helen Andrews began White Rabbit Days as an expression of her love for wandering, discovering and exploring. Helen's intricate designs are captivating and so expressive of her adventurous character. She has allowed her brand to unfold organically – as she discovers new materials, skills and inspiration, and the Remake Challenge has been yet another part of her journey as these are the very first pieces she has had cut from brass.

We paired Helen with Justine Pulford as we thought Helen's bold designs would accentuate the soft textures and tones of Justine's garments. What we didn't count on, is that Justine is vegan and Helen works partly with laser-cut leather to create her intricate but light-weight pieces. Both designers were keen to think of a new approach, however, and we are thoroughly delighted with the results of their collaboration! Helen took Justine's concept of celebrating the inherent beauty of bamboo - one of the key sustainable materials - and created iconic silhouettes of the bamboo plant in brass. The pieces are elegant and confident yet playful, and complement Justine's sense of freedom and personal empowerment.

Justine: "I am in love with knitwear and I love autumn as I can finally pull out my jerseys. I wanted my collection to be chic for a city girl yet still look organic and be comfortable for home."

Justine (left) and Helen (right)

All Helen's Remake Challenge jewellery pieces will be for sale at KIN on Kloof until the end of September, and then they will be on show at our KIN stand at the Sanlam Handmade Contempory fair in Joburg. 

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Read Justine's full interview here.

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