Tuesday, 3 February 2015

February's Windows : Make One to Take One

This month we've decided that our windows need to give away as much love as possible (it being Valentines Month and everything...)

The lovely Tas, who you all know from KIN on Kloof, has been talking about this amazing art-swap concept where art is traded for art and we all decided, it's now time...

And so we present to you our #Make1toTake1 windows!

The Concept

To begin with, we have all been doodling like mad (and forcing our friends to do the same :) and as a result, our windows are full of 100 drawings, sayings, paintings and bits of loveliness. Customers, designers, passers-by, staff - everyone is welcome to take a piece from the window if they make one in return and peg theirs up in its place.

We have a variety of pens & pencils and loads of blank sheets of art paper just waiting for you :)

Be brave, be bold, give a little of your time and give something beautiful to someone you don't even know! There is no right or wrong thing to draw / quote / write, but aim to inspire, encourage and rally everyone's spirits for this wonderful year ahead! And in return, pick an original piece that someone has drawn for you and that's waiting for you to come in and choose it from our windows.

Working with Live Eco last year, made us realise more than ever the beauty and importance of recycling, and our beautiful neon strings are actually made from hundreds (for real) of cardboard circles which were thoughtfully brought to us by one of our customers. With creative vision he said, "Can't you use these for a display?" We added a bit of neon paint, a splash or two of glitter and strung them up. Hope you like what your circles grew up to become, Robert :)

Pop into KIN on Kloof to see all this fun in person, be a part of our month of love and #Make1toTake1

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