Thursday, 26 February 2015

La Galería Collaborative Project // Zine

Sometimes life has those moments...something sparks and people who never thought they would be connected are, and the results are beautiful, surprising and quite awe-inspiring. We had just such a start to 2015, when Andrea Velázquez Fossas approached us to be a part of La Galería, an intimate collective art show held at The Wepartist Village, New York. The show takes places every second month, and February's Moments is a collaboration between artists in New York and, now, South Africa. After digital words sent back and forth and Skype calls across time zones and miles of ocean, it has been astounding to see the physical results. Three KIN artists, Elsabe Milandri, Maria Magdalena van Wyk and Nadia du Plessis of Bvbblegvm, were asked to create illustrations or art works, in response to words written by poets in New York, to be exhibited and published in the Zine online.

Illustrations by Elsabe Milandri, Text by Jess Gawrych

Illustrations by Maria Magdalena van Wyk, Text by Hazel Encarnación

Illustration by Nadia Du Plessis,Text by Phillipe Chatelain

One of our highest delights at KIN is connecting people, and we are so proud to see our designers work alongside their international contemporaries. As Andrea says, "La Galería celebrates the power of human connection and creative collaboration" and we feel Moments is such a beautiful, powerful example of this. 

Please take a look at their incredible work and celebrate with Andrea and with us all that can be accomplished by saying "yes" and venturing forth. 

View the whole magazine online here.

See Andrea's photo's from the exhibition night here.

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