Friday, 3 July 2015

The Remake Challenge 2015

How can we resist being a part of this fantastic competition for 2015!

What is the Remake Challenge?
Many people have a preconceived idea of what sustainable looks and feels like, and The Remake Challenge has set about breaking down that paradigm by illustrating just how beautiful, glamorous and exciting "green" options can be. Powered by Live Eco, this competition encourages conscious choice and asks each finalist to use sustainable materials and production methods, and present objects and garments which showcase the desirability of these materials.

How is KIN showing our support?
Just like The Remake Challenge 2014 we are joining up 5 of our highly talented KIN jewellery designers with the 5 Fashion Finalists to add beautiful jewellery pieces to their outfits. For 2015, in the true Live Eco spirit, we have also challenged our designers to make one piece using sustainable materials (and have fun exploring the possibilities that these materials offer :) "Sustainable" here can be materials that are found and reworked or recycled, materials which are grown / made responsibly (in a way which does not pollute or deplete the earth), materials which are gathered from the waste of other existing industries (for example, off-cuts of fabric, leather, perspex, etc).

Our 2015 KIN designers
We are so excited to watch all the finalists' progress through the competition, and to see the final outfits complete with KIN jewels! Here are our 5 jewellery designers paired up with the Fashion Finalist we think their work will best complement. Each outfit will be professionally photographed in the beginning of August so that the judges can make their decision in time for the Awards Evening on Thursday 13 August - so keep your eyes and ears open for all the excitement that is to come!

Aviv of Forever Love with Fashion Finalist Hannah-Rose Smith

Caryn of A Bird Named Frank with Fashion Finalist Roxanne Louw  

Claire of Reverie Designs with Fashion Finalist Werner Boshoff

Helen of White Rabbit Days with Fashion Finalist Justine Pulford

Tessa of Tessa J Kelly Jewellery with Fashion Finalist Jean Baard

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