Monday, 11 May 2015

Showers of Colour for May's Windows

Last November, Schwarzie graced our windows with a tropical paper garden for their Nature's Confetti collaboration with White On Rice. This May, after a beautiful, bright summer, Schwarzie welcome the rain come back to Cape Town just in time for our first winter window!

Too early a start for Eddie

Astrid's nimble fingers busy threading & knotting to give us a month of lovely twirling paper drops

Best part is signing your work! Remember to use the hashtag #schconfetti if you're keen on a pretty selfie in front of #KINonKloof this May ;)

Adding showers of colour to Kloof Street, these are are our lovely windows by Schwarzie TM for the month of May at #KINonKloof!

So many beautiful Schwarzie TM cards to choose from and more on the way with the launch of their new #Massive card range - soon to be at #KINonKloof!

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