Thursday, 30 January 2014

The First Step to becoming Pitch Perfect

Chantal doing us proud with her first-ever (and immediately captivating!) pitch.
As one of WDC2014's initiatives, we were invited to attend a grooming session with Charles Maisel (Entrepreneur and founder of Innovation Shack) and Thundafund, to learn how to pitch an idea, and just how important this skill is for any entrepreneur or project. The WDC hosts these training sessions as a lead-up to a series of 8 official pitching sessions that are scheduled between January and August 2014. Along with potential investors, media and prominent philanthropists; the public will be welcome to attend. It's great fun to hear about some of this year's upcoming ideas from all sorts of sectors, and the profound reach that some of the projects will have on our communities. As each project will be registering on Thundafund, it is also super easy for anyone willing to support - in whatever way (large, small and often non-monetary) that they can. You can even log on to the Thundafund site on your phone right then and there :) The next Pitching Session will be on 11 February - keep an eye out for venue confirmation, attendance is completely free. 

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