Monday, 6 January 2014

Fresh Starts & Blank Pages

We've once again hit that strange little bump of time; Christmas passed in a quick dream of fairylights and warm, buttery scents; New Years eve swung by in its usual glamour and merrily-slurred toasts to the year's end; and now Here We Are. The beginning of a new year. Twelve months sit patiently waiting for us to gather our plans, appointments, important dates and celebrations. If you are like us, you haven't let go of the ritual of Annual Diary Buying. Make no mistake - it's a tricky business - this book is going to be your constant ally for the next 365 days so you've really got to get along. With so many options to consider on the shelves, you're bound to feel the pressure of the decision. It can't be too small (you've got to actually write all the goings on in there and be able to read them) or to big (it's got to be comfortable to carry around because it's going to go everywhere), and then there's its personality: you want it to be stylish and friendly but not generic. No matter how pretty the cover, a diary full of the same re-used quotes year after year is not going to crack it. We want something fresh and engaging - a brand new year is, of course, a big deal.


When the lovely Schwarzie sisters Karen and Astrid, first mentioned that they would be designing a 2014 diary, we were more than a little excited. Simply put, we love their work. Their designs are beautiful, clean and playful. We knew their diaries would be no exception and that our choice this year had already been smoothly, happily made.

2014 Diary by Schwarzie, available at KIN, R220

The books have A5 pages with broad spacing and lots lines, and a jumbo spiral spine for smooth writing on alternate pages (and it also allows you to stick/staple/cram notes, post-it's and ticket-ends in to your heart's content).

Zesty 2014 Diary by Schwarzie, available at KIN, R220

There are two cover designs, Delta and Zesty, to choose from and each book comes with four colourful 2014 stickers for you to position where and how you like, and a black & white Schwarzie pen which can clip neatly into the spine.

Delta 2014 Diary by Schwarzie, available at KIN, R220

And that's just the outside. Inside, each month has it's own gorgeous title page design with a useful monthly calendar. It's a comfortable page-a-day (with weekends sharing a page) and there are eccentric little anecdotes for interest and cheer at the bottom of the pages - just a quick browse of these had us nodding, pondering, and giggling.

2014 Diary by Schwarzie, available at KIN, R220

There will be no to-ing and fro-ing from different stores as we debate options this year - a Schwarzie diary is everything that we want in our bookish companion for the months ahead and we can't wait to use, love and explore ours!

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