Monday, 27 January 2014

A Fresh Shoot & Many More Splendid Jewellery Pieces

Behind the Scenes with photographer Gareth Hubbard
It's easy to raise our eyes to the ceiling as, just a few day's after the Christmas baubles are packed up, garish Valentine's Day goodies seem to be draped on every display - but, honestly, it's what we make of it that really matters and it can be an easy excuse for a bit (or a lot) of fun. Ever since Anja from Papertales shared her contagious enthusiasm for The Most Beautiful Valentines Window of All Time (but more on that after the weekend...), we've been viewing this holiday with new eyes and softer hearts. The thing about all the red, white and pink fluff is that there is a small solid truth at the core - telling someone how much you love them is never a clichĂ©. We've decided that, for us, Valentine's Day is about telling anyone (your gran, your partner, your mentor, your childhood friend living in Catamarca) how much they mean to you and how much fuller your life is because they are a beautiful part of it.

But, back to that splendid for in time for the Month of Love:

Silver Silver Triceratops Tie Clip
Sterling Silver Wishbone Pendant

Tiny Brass Africa Charm on Silk


Sterling Silver Infinity Bracelet
Sterling Silver Circle Necklace
Sterling Silver Infinity Ring

Inge Marais

Pure Silver Folded Jet
Sterling Silver UFO Pendant
Two-tone Sterling Silver & Copper Heart Pendant
Sterling Silver Teardrop Studs
Sterling Silver Bar Studs
Sterling Silver & Enamel Studs

Starbright Girl

Sterling Silver Kingfisher Pendant
Sterling Silver Camera Pendant
Sterling Silver Leaping Reindeer Pendant

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