Monday, 10 March 2014

Lunch-time Entertainment

We can across one of the most entertaining websites the other day and thought, as we've filled March with rainbows, this is the perfect time to share it! It's called Good Things Should Never End and was launched as part of a publicity campaign for Orange - one of the world's largest telecomms companies. The site scrolls down vertically, offering you little scenes and characters with which to interact as you follow the rainbow pathway. You'll notice by your scroll bar, which constantly sits high at the top, that the site is designed to never end and so bring you infinite amusement (hence its name :)
Follow the link above to enter this virtual playground where you can make music, draw or even have a chat with a few intelligent characters (our favourite is Des who apparently has over 22 000 answers for you).
*Warning* This website could seriously affect productivity!
An agency called Poke was behind the site and the graphics are by Hairy Teeth.

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