Tuesday, 7 April 2015

April's Windows : Dioramas for the faint hearted by Flagg...

We've been excited for this exhibiton even before Flagg said the words "very large diorama" and anticipation has been steadily growing as she shared work-in-progress photo's on Facebook. After seeing it first hand this weekend, two things hit our minds simultaneously - 1) Flagg's diorama's never disappoint - each is as wonderful and absorbing as the very first and 2) the Very Large Diorama was, in fact, much larger and more fantastic than we could have imagined!

Flagg's spectacular diorama arrives at KIN on Kloof

All in the details - Flagg's creatures are wonderfully candid :)

What a visual treat the TRex's layered paper world is for our windows!

Watch the moment we flicked the switch that lit up this amazing work here.
Zee gets to work with the glass pens and easily finds helpful hands (and longer arms :) on Kloof Street #loveourhood

Flagg & Zee smoothly setting up a stunning display featuring Flagg's beautiful new pieces

A Sootcookie bunny delighted with it's lovely new shelf buddies

Jeweled with dioramas - if you're strolling down to dinner along Kloof street this month, you can't miss our windows warmly glowing with all these different little worlds

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