Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown!

With this exhibition, Charlie Brown makes his third appearance at KIN on Kloof and we are, of course, completely smitten with our windows. It is a little bit of a bitter-sweet moment, though, because this will be the last group of Charlie Browns that Nick makes to exhibit. The Charlies are always beautifully created, but the extent of the detail and workmanship of this series in particular is just astounding. Nick has made everything from tiny buttons to textured fur and knitted hats, and incredible accessories of which each Charlie can be immensely proud.

We couldn't wait for the boxes to be unpacked and the new Charlies revealed

Nick's window exhibitions are always well conceptualised and they set a beautiful, nostalgic tone for the month with found retro objects and pieces of his own personal Charlie Brown collection to complement his designs. This year Nick has also made beautiful wooden blocks with cartoon strips that make gorgeous, original gifts on their own.

A collage of paperbacks act as a colourful backdrop to the pieces

Nick has been a fan of Charlie Brown, Charlie's pet dog, friends and whole world since his own childhood, and each piece is made carefully and thoughtfully. Nick allows each idea to develop and take its own time, and many of the pieces have a specific story or memory behind them. We think the secret to their irresistible magic is that Nick invests his whole heart into making every figure meet the high expectations of his imagination. Each Charlie has a costume formed and painted completely by hand. Nick has taken the time to make the tiniest details and you'll find yourself exclaiming as you look from one figure to the next, perhaps reminded of characters from your own childhood.

The troupe of Charlies - all ready for new homes and adventure!
Nick's work has attracted quite a following and, unsurprisingly, many of the Charlies sold on the first day of the exhibition. Please do contact us if you would like to reserve a particular Charlie. All the pieces will be on display until 31st October 2014 - they are such a visual treat so be sure to pop into KIN on Kloof this month :)

 And now for the Charlies...
"Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown"
"Hit that perfect beat, Charlie Brown"

"I want you on Team Zissou, Charlie Brown"

"It's Adventure Time, Charlie Brown!"

"Jy's die Swart Kat, Charlie Brown"
"Stick 'em up, Charlie Brown"
"Rawrrr!! Charlie Brown"
"You're an Indian Brave, Charlie Brown"
"You're classic, Charlie Brown"
"You're classic, Charlie Brown"
"You're a Care Bear, Charlie Brown!"
"You're my only hope, Charlie Brown"
"You're Totoro, Charlie Brown"
Snoopy & Woodstock

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