Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Studio Sneak Peek - A Bird Named Frank

A Sneak Peek? What's this? Chatting over tea at HQ one day, we were marvelling at how lucky we are to work with such an array of wonderful designers, and in doing so get to know them, their spaces, people and pets. Suddenly we thought, "We should share them!" and voila! we now have a spot on the blog for Studio Sneak Peeks.
Caryn Fourie and Peter Campbell are the complimentary creative forces behind A Bird Named Frank. With backgrounds in fashion design and fine art respectively; together they produce a jewellery range that has become known for its minimalist aesthetic and clean geometric focus.
Their designs have always been refreshingly simple, and A Bird Named Frank is characterised by subtlety, muted tones, fine detail and quality in craftsmanship. Each item is made with a determined focus on creating wearable pieces and to a standard bordering on perfectionism.

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