Monday, 23 December 2013

Looking Back on Glorious 2013

With only a few days left of this year, we've become a tad nostalgic thinking over all the exciting happenings of 2013. We thought we'd share our top three press articles published on our stores, and the happy moments that went with them.

UK Homes&Antiques

We were pleasantly surprised to find our stores featured in the gorgeous UK Homes & Antiques magazine. Living in the creative capital of South Africa, it's easy to take the marvellous array of daily creativity for granted, but luckily our international customers often remind us how fortunate we are to live in country so alive with vibrant design.

Plenty of love and lollipops in our stores
As this article in The CapeTowner describes, June was a month brim-full of beautiful moments as designers, visitors and customers spent time writing thank you cards as a part of our Lollipop campaign to celebrate our Kloof Street store’s second anniversary. We were profoundly inspired by a man named Drew Dudley, who spoke at TEDx about how he connected two strangers with a lollipop and, without knowing it, changed their lives forever. Everybody has a powerful, life-defining moment that came about as a result of someone doing something really tiny. Sometimes that person might not even know the effect of that one little thing that they did, and we wanted to offer everyone who has contact with our stores the chance to thank the people who, through small moments on their part, helped make a huge difference. We also thoroughly enjoyed giving out bags and bags of lollipops :)

The interactive window display at our Kloof Street store by TouchFoundry, featuring pieces by Smith Jewellery
In September we were featured in The Weekend Argus for our collaboration with Smith Jewellery to present the first interactive window display of its kind at our Kloof Street shop. Developed by Cape Town company TouchFoundry, this software allows potential customers to browse the goods inside a store from the window in a cool, interactive and intuitive way that delights and draws them inside. We all had great fun waving our arms about until we got the hang of virtual browsing, and spending time looking at all Smith’s gorgeous silver, brass and copper pieces was a daily treat.

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